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Atlantic Monthly - Books & Critics Quality literary section with book reviews, features and author interviews. Magazine also showcases new fiction by well-known writers. Black Book Review Features some of the best African-American writing, reviews, and interviews. Book Reporter American-flavoured site with hundreds of reviews, author profiles and interviews. Bookwire Portal providing articles on the latest book industry news, access to literary journals and reviews, and an expansive directory of book sites around the world. Books and Culture Presents a Christian perspective on books, media, and overall culture. California Literary Review Irreverent book reviews, essays, and interviews with talented authors. Contemporary Poetry Review Magazine features poetry criticism, reviews and interviews with distinguished poets, critics, and translators. Crime Time Features reviews, news, interviews and more about all that's best in crime fiction. January Magazine Variety of reviews as well as interviews and profiles. Kirkus Reviews Posts over 500 pre-publication book reviews every month in multiple genres including fiction, mystery, science fiction and non-fiction. London Review of Books Book reviews and slick articles on politics and culture. New York Review of Books Premier literary magazine publishing essays and reviews of books and the arts. Features archive going back to 1963. Rain Taxi Quarterly publication offering reviews of literary fiction, poetry, and nonfiction with an emphasis on innovative writing. Salon Books Book reviews, interviews, and editorial picks from online news magazine. The site also has plenty of recommendations and audio clips of well-known authors reading their own work. Shakespeare Magazine Convergence of information from Shakespeare scholars, teachers, and theatre professionals. Times Literary Supplement (TLS) Top quality weekly UK magazine providing a unique record of developments in literature, politics, scholarship and the arts.
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