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Northern Ireland Newspapers and News Sites
National Newspapers
An Phoblacht Weekly Sinn Fein newspaper. Belfast Telegraph Leading Northern Ireland's daily. Fortnight Independent arts and politics magazine. Irish News Newspaper primarily aimed at the Catholic community. Irish Republican News "Source of uncensored Irish news and the Irish struggle for national self-determination." NewsHound Links to daily newspaper articles about Northern Ireland from the Irish, British and American press. News Letter "The oldest existing English language paper in the world."
Local Northern Ireland Newspapers
Ballymena Times Ballymoney & Moyle Times Carrickfergus Advertiser Donegal News (Omagh) Dromore Leader (Bainbridge) Fermanagh Herald (Enniskillen) Gaelic Life (Omagh) Impartial Reporter (Enniskillen) Londonderry Sentinel (Waterside) Lurgan Mail Newry Democrat Portadown Times Strabane Chronicle Tyrone Constitution Tyrone Times (Dungannon) Ulster Business (Belfast) Ulster Star (Lisburn) Sinn Fein Home Page Ulster Unionist Party (UUP)

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