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Jammu & Kashmir Newspapers and News Sites
Daily Excelsior Newspaper primarily aimed at the Hindu minority. Early Times Major newspaper published daily from the winter Capital of Jammu. Daily Kashmir Images Opinions, editorials, news and reviews from Jammu and Kashmir. Greater Kashmir Daily newspaper from Srinagar. Jammu-Kashmir Pro-Indian site featuring news, comments, basic facts related to conflict, documents, photos. JK Alternative View Point Online newspaper analysis and comments on the on-going politics of Jammu & Kashmir. Kashmir Herald Strongly pro-Indian journal providing Jammu and Kashmir news, as well as information and analysis on terrorism. Kashmir Media Service Comprehensive daily coverage of events in Kashmir from anti-Indian perspective. Kashmir Monitor Daily online newspaper from Srinagar. Kashmir Newz In-depth features, news and pictures from Jammu and Kashmir. Kashmir Observer Srinagar based newspaper providing more or less balanced coverage of Kashmir conflict. Kashmir Times Jammu-based daily. The oldest newspaper of Jammu and Kashmir. Kashmir Watch Islamabad-based news portal of Kashmir International Research Centre (KIRC), an independent research organisation. Provides news, views and opinions with background information on Kashmir. Kashmirnet UK site mainly devoted to human rights situation in Kashmir. Northlines Daily newspaper covering Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh and its neighborhood. Rising Kashmir Independent English daily being published from Srinagar. Scoop News Provides authentic news on social, political and economic affairs separately on all three regions of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh. Troubled Kashmir Focusing on problems in Kashmir. Website has been conceived by a few people under the auspices of a Laski research Centre for Social & Political Research, New Delhi. State Times Major daily.

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