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Alabama Heritage Quarterly magazine about the history of Alabama. American Heritage Quality magazine covering America's past and present, including biographies of famous personalities, popular music, business, politics, art, war, and culture. BBC History Magazine UK best-selling history magazine covering all periods from pre-history to the present. Also features book reviews and guides to historic properties that can be visited around the UK. British History Comprehensive British history survey, including historical documents, the monarchy, the Celtic world and the arts. Civil War News Includes coming events, book reviews, letters, researcher's needs, reenactment photos, and more. Common-place Articles and book reviews on early US history. Concord Review Exemplary essays by high school students of history from thirty-three countries. History and Theory Abstracts from the international journal devoted to the theory and philosophy of history. History News Network Read news articles that relate history to the present and catch up with historians' views of current events. Includes articles from the left and right. History Place Magazine covering var ious topics of American and world's history. Features photos and highlights of historic events. History Today Premier history magazine covering wide range of issues. Left History Features articles from a variety of theoretical approaches including feminist, marxist and postmodernist on topics such as race, ethnicity, class, culture, the state. Old News Tells the stories of the people and events that have changed the world, from 400 B.C. to the early 20th century. Race and History Collection of resources for exploring ancient people of the world. Particular focus on the African diaspora. Random History Features little-known history about a variety of different topics with collection of brief histories and word origins. Smithsonian Magazine Widely respected magazine discussing nature, history, science and the arts. Online presentation of many history magazines covering wide range of historical issues.

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