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Akiba Today Delivers anime, manga and culture news from Tokyo Akihabara. Anime News Network Source of daily anime news, columns, reviews and extensive anime database. Anime Research Academic research about anime, manga and other aspects of Japanese popular culture.Also extensive bibliography of books, journals and articles. Online anime magazine featuring news, DVD reviews, anime wallpaper guide, upcoming events, books, toys, models and gizmos. At Anime Magazine featuring a wide variety of topics, from anime and manga to Japanese music and anime soundtracks, video games, industry information, cultural and fan-related features. EX Online magazine covering Japanese animation and manga (comics). Source of information about what's new on both American and Japanese shores, and what's worth watching and what's not. Otaku USA Magazine featuring comprehensive coverage of manga, anime, videogames and Japanese pop culture written from an American point of view. Senpai Magazine Quarterly magazine focusing on reviews of anime forgotten by the main stream, reflection on retro classics of anime, and opinions on the future of anime culture. Shojo Beat Anime magazine appealing to a young, hip female audience who are passionate about art, style & design and who love reading stories of romance, lifestyles and comedy. Shonen Jump US version of Japanese manga magazine Weekly Shonen Jump. Features the most popular comics from the original Japanese edition, plus artist interviews, card games, video games, toys and anime information. Tokidoki Journal Anime, manga, video game, JRock, and other Japanese entertainment reviews, previews, and news. Also forums, an oekaki board, fan art, fan fics, and more.
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