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Africa Business African news, business, African renewable energy, trading, sports, travel, science, Africa business directory, forex, world news. Africa Business Communities Gateway to the African economy. African Business Review Digital magazine provides daily news and weekly e-newsletter. Features an in-depth look at specific industry issues such as Leadership, Finance, Operations and Technology.. Africa Confidential London based fortnightly newsletter on politics in Africa. Subscription required. Africa Investor Investment magazine and website providing daily sector-by-sector coverage of the latest developments in business, FDI and politics. Africa Report Pan-African English-language bimonthly magazine, covering politics, economy, society and culture, published by the Paris-based Groupe Jeune Afrique. Africa Science News Service (ASNS) Provides news, views and information on science and technology from around Africa. Africa Updates Dedicated to covering African news, including technology, sports, business, and entertainment among others. Interactive Africa community, sharing news, photos, weblogs, videos and the untold stories by African people. Africasia Online presentation of three magazines - African Business, New African and the Middle East. Daily online newspaper with information on what is going on in the world, culture, economics, and sport of 56 African countries. One of the leading independent news providers covering the African continent in English. Features daily news and analyses. Leading provider of African news and information worldwide. East African Business-oriented regional newspaper from the Nation Group, Nairobi. East Africa News Post Political, business, sport news from the East Africa region. East African Business Week Private regional business magazine reaching out to Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda. Based in Kampala, Uganda. Focus On Africa Magazine Magazine published quarterly by the BBC World Service. Covers the latest political, economic, social, cultural, and sporting developments. Aggregates technology news relevant to Africa's development. Also embraces user generated content. Magharebia Web site sponsored by the United States Africa Command, the military command responsible for supporting and enhancing US efforts to promote stability, co-operation and prosperity in the region. New Africa Analysis News magazine covering events of importance in Africa. North Africa Journal Weekly analysis on North Africa's economy, business and politics. Based in Boston, USA. Available for subscribers. Pambazuka News Weekly round-up of news on human rights, conflict, health, environment, social welfare, literature and arts in Africa. Panafrican News Agency (PANA) Africa's largest continent-wide news organization based in Dakar. SABCnews Site of South African Broadcasting Corporation. Offers daily coverage of African and world events. Take off Africa Provides African aviation and travel news. Think Africa Press African news analysis site working with academics, local reporters, and international commentators providing a forum where a variety of voices can be heard. United Nations, Africa Renewal Magazine Provides up-to-date information and analysis of the major economic and development challenges facing Africa today. UN Integrated Regional Information Networks (OCHA IRIN) Features news reports on relief, development, social, economic and political affairs in sub-Saharan Africa. Zambezian, The Latest news from Southern Africa. Headquartered in Beira, Mozambique and Vancouver, Canada.

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